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Orchid Duet

San Antonio Burlesque Fest 2015

This opulent debutante celebrates the most suggestive of floral arrangements. With a flirtatious air, Sherry finds the perfect dance partner. Awarded Best Costume at the South Texas Burlesque Revival in Corpus Christi, TX, and performed around the country!

My Type

Collaborative Strip 2015

Sherry brings out her inner Disco Queen in an
upbeat celebration of all types. Perfect for any queer-lesque, Pride, or 70’s Disco burlesque show.

Take Back your Mink

Texas Burlesque Fest 2014

This classic Broadway routine allows Sherry Bomb to stretch her theatrical talent, featuring lead vocals from the bombshell herself.

The Grand Nagus

Star Trek Burlesque show 2016

Do you have the lobes for business?  The Grand Nagus, Economic leader of the great Ferengi Alliance has a new profit making scheme, because as the 10th Rule of Acquisition states: Greed is Eternal!