Underbust- $180
Overbust- $220
(both include double boning (Two 1/4” bones per seam), 12 panel, no front busk, custom drafted pattern.)


Front Busk-$35
Front Zipper- $25 Lace Appliqué- $30/pair
Boning trim (separate accent color along boning channel)- $15 front, $25 for whole corset (add $5 to each for double boning)
Lace overlay (covering entire panel, whole corset)- $20
Rhinestones- $3 for 20 rhinestones

​Matching Covered Bra- $60

Please Contact Sherry Bomb for custom corset inquiries!!

For All Your Sewing Needs...

Custom Rhinestone Services

Organza & TulleBoas


Custom Corsets

As costume designer for dozens of the most prominent and talented performers in Austin and around Texas, Sherry Bomb’s designs have travelled the world, including gracing the stage for Miss Exotic World at the Burlesque Hall of Fame 2015 in Las Vegas.  All of Sherry Bomb’s stage costumes one-of-a-kind designs with impeccable quality to withstand vigorous performance for even the busiest showgirl.

From custom designs to basic alterations, there is no task she can't finish to perfection.

Her services include:

- Custom costume creations

- Custom steel boned corsets

- Copy and remake existing garments and costumes

- Revamp current costumes

- Alterations

- Hand beading/ Rhinestoning

- Teaching

With an intense eye for detail, Sherry Bomb creates beautiful durable pasties for performers and models alike. All pasties are made by skilled hands using only quality materials, and have sealed backs to improve their hold. Two pieces of Top-Stick tape will be included with each set.

Laminated glitter prevents glitter rub off on clothes, and glass rhinestone accents give you all the sparkle, without the big price tag.

All pasties are made to order in 3 different sizes:

Small- 2" Diameter
Medium- 2 1/2" Diameter
Large: 3" Diameter

Custom sizing available

Custom Orders:
Have an idea for a shape, design, or color scheme, just let me know! I am always excited to create new and fun designs.


Standard boa - 10" wide 6' long

Organza- $80

Tulle- $60

Custom sizes available!

These shed-free, cruelty free organza and tulle boas can replace any feather boa in your routine.  They can be made to any length, width, fullness, color, and can also be customized with a contrasting edge at no extra charge.

Sherry Bomb loves nothing more than to make an item come to life with the sparkle of light created by rhinestones.  Whether it is a pair of shoes, a costume piece, or prop, just about anything can be rhinestoned!  With patience and a careful eye for detail, let Sherry create light catching pieces for you.

All prices are dependent on surface area, amount of coverage and time.

Back in 2007, after being diagnosed with severe scoliosis, Sherry Bomb began a search for braces that could help support the upper back, and in doing so, discovered an obsession with corsets that has flourished in the burlesque community. 

Using only quality materials, spiral and spring steel boning, her corsets are designed to create that hour glass figure and provide support, without the pinches or bulges you find from many off the rack standard size corsets.  Whether you are looking for a show-stopping piece, or something for everyday wear, Sherry can create a corset for your needs.  

Corsets typically take 2-4 weeks for completion.


Without tassels- $15

With tassels-  $25

With Spinners- $35

Pricing may vary with shapes, appliques, and fully rhinestoned sets.

See my Etsy store for current items!