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Meet Sherry Bomb

The dynamic co-producer and captivating performer of Austin's renowned Bat City Bombshells. Since 2009, this dazzling luminary of glamour and glitz has been spreading her unique brand of decadent delights across Texas and beyond. Sherry has graced stages throughout the Lone Star State and dazzled audiences at prestigious festivals nationwide from Albuquerque, NM, to Chicago, IL, and Minneapolis, MN.


Sherry Bomb's distinctive style redefines classic burlesque with a combination of high-quality costuming and unexpected surprises. Whether unveiling an unusual reveal or delivering a cheeky punch line, her performances always leave audiences with more than meets the eye. Recognized for her outstanding contributions, Sherry was awarded Best Costume at the San Antonio Burlesque Festival and the South Texas Burlesque Revival. Her dynamic and charming stage presence shines brighter than an atomic bomb and burns hotter than an incendiary inferno.

Sherry Cutout 4.png

Beyond the spotlight, Sherry Bomb is the creative force behind the stunning costumes worn by many prominent performers in Austin and across Texas. Her designs have graced international stages, including Miss Exotic World at the Burlesque Hall of Fame 2015 in Las Vegas. Renowned for their unique and imaginative designs, Sherry's costumes boast impeccable craftsmanship that can withstand the most vigorous performances by even the busiest showgirls.


As a dedicated member of the Bat City Bombshells, Sherry Bomb produces quarterly shows in Austin, proudly contributes to the Austin Burlesque Alliance, and shares her knowledge as an educator. You can find her imparting wisdom in costuming classes at the Austin Academy of Burlesque, and as a regular instructor for BurlyCon, solidifying her status as a respected figure in the world of burlesque.

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